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Facial Feminization Surgery Procedures » Brow Lift

Brow Lift

Brow Lift refers to a surgical procedure that repositions the eyebrows higher, resulting in a more feminine appearance. Brow Lift is one of the surgeries collectively referred to as Facial Feminization Surgery. A Brow Lift is performed by lifting the skin of the entire forehead, which repositions the eyebrows higher. Surgical time is 1.5 - 2 hours. This is considered one of the most effective procedures to feminize the upper face.

Many FFS surgeons will also perform Forehead Recontouring and Hairline Correction along with a Brow Lift as this typically produces better results and all three procedures use use the same incision. Furthermore, the shape and position of the eyebrows is related to the shape of the frontal bone under the eyebrows, making a Brow Lift very important after Forehead Recontouring.

Female and Male Brow Comparison

Famale and Male Brow Comparison

  • Female: Curved, thin eyebrows located on or above orbital rim.
  • Male: Straight, thick eyebrows located below orbital rim.

These differences may seem subtle but the appearance of the eyebrows influences the overall look of the eyes and whether they appear feminine or masculine.

Forehead Lift vs. Brow Lift - What's the Difference?

The terms Forehead Lift and Brow Lift are used interchangeably though they in fact refer to different procedures. However, the procedure used to lift the brows without lifting the forehead (direct Brow Lift) is no longer commonly performed, so Brow Lift almost always means Forehead Lift nowadays.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lift Surgery

Will I need to shave my head in preparation for surgery?
No, your hair doesn't need to be shaved off. Your hair will be tied back and the incision is made just below the hairline.

What kind of bandages will I have after surgery?
You will wear a bandage and/or facial pressure garment for about 1 week after your surgery.

Will I have visible scars?
Because the incisions are right along the hairline, scars can be easily concealed with your hair.

Will I be hospitalized?
No, Brow Lift is an outpatient procedure.