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Facial Feminization Surgery

Find Reliable Information About Facial Feminization Surgery provides comprehensive patient education for trans women seeking Facial Feminization Surgery, plus a directory of qualified Surgeons who perform FFS. Use our free resources to find the procedure and Surgeon that are right for you.

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Facial Feminization Surgery

If you are a transsexual or transgender woman, chances are you may have already found that there's no such thing as looking too feminine. Cisgender women can also struggle with inadequacies they may feel over having traditionally masculine-looking features, like a prominent nose, square jaw or heavy eyebrows. Luckily, if you do feel this way, there is hope.

When makeup tricks just aren't cutting it for you and "passing" is more of a challenge than a fact of life, maybe it's time to consider a more permanent solution. Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) has helped numerous trans women develop a more feminine-looking facial appearance.

Facial Feminization Surgery refers to a group of medical procedures that surgically alter masculine facial features to look more feminine, based upon a standard set of feminine traits. Facial Feminization Surgery is available for anyone who wants to appear more feminine, whether they were born female or not.

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Brow LiftFFS In Focus: Brow Lift

Brow Lift is a surgical procedure that repositions the eyebrows higher, resulting in a more feminine appearance. This is considered one of the most effective procedures to feminize the upper face. Many FFS Surgeons will also perform Forehead Recontouring and Hairline Correction along with a Brow Lift as this typically produces better results and all three procedures use use the same incision. Learn more »

FFS & the WPATH Standards of Care

The current version of the WPATH Standards of Care have not devoted enough attention to FFS, a concern because of new developments in insurance coverage for transgender surgeries. Read more »

Dr. Kathy Rumer

Dr. Kathy Rumer

Dr. Rumer is an award-winning surgeon in the Philadelphia area. Her superior skills and patients' results have made her popular with trans women seeking FFS. Read more »

Dr. Eric Bensimon

Dr. Eric Bensimon

Based in Montreal, Dr. Bensimon is one of the world's elite Facial Feminization surgeons, specializing in FFS for over 15 years. Read more »

Map of FFS Surgeons

FFS Surgeons Map